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Its the choices you make

Life is a choice

Health is a choice

Happiness is a choice

This body is a choice

And so is the dis-ease that shows up.

Creation happens when you intercept your body with thoughts, feelings and emotions. And to create a better life, to choose more it would be a great idea to pause and ask using Meta Model -

“What can you now create differently with your body so that you have total health, total ease and total joy?”

When you look around, what do you see? Life in its different forms and colours. It could start from a tiny droplet of water to the beauty of a flower and the extravagance of the pollen that gives the seed for yet another life. Creation is everywhere. It is out there in the universe. It is around us, and it is us.

We are the creation,

and we are capable of creating everything we desire. We are magnificent and have the gift of creation.

Our body too is a creation; it's expansive and does not have to be a limitation or a detriment. It can be a contribution to our aligned and congruent desires, which are in ecology.

It is the belief systems that we adapt, as a hardened point of view that dictates several outcomes in our life. Once you understand that, you know how you attract things into your lives, especially at the health level.

What do you think and feel about medication?

Do you think that the body can heal itself?

What is required of the body to heal itself?

Are you willing to change your beliefs about family, health, and happiness?

Are diseases hereditary?

What are the health patterns you see in your family?

What disease have you decided that you are going to have?

If there is a belief system, you can choose what would you choose now?

Is death a decision?

How long do you plan to live?

How do you plan to live?

Do you have a choice in any of this?

Makes you wonder, doesn't it? The mysteries of the body, the mind and their interconnectedness.

When you change your beliefs and heal the psyche, the body heals itself

Remember ours is not an either OR universe - So you don't have to choose. The body knows to be in the present, and the present is devoid of all the stress, anxiety and depressions,

What if you did not see the body as wrong? What if an illness was not an illness? With that, what could you create NOW?

If you choose it, that too can be a reality.

A quantum leap to create that communion with the body.

That connects possibility, choice, and the greatness of that, what it can be, can do and even have!

The body knows how to heal,

All you have to do is get out of its way.

It is the greatest healer of this universe.

We wouldn't have been able to evolve this far without having a mechanism which allows us to take that hit, that is what injury or disease is - we took a hit

Now the immune system is the way the body corrects itself

I remember Dick telling us in class, “When I was detected with Prostate Cancer - I wondered am I at the mercy of something, or is there something that we are not aware of?”

And then he went on to say, “There is something inside of each of us, that is greater than all of us’, and the purpose of NLP is to surface THAT!."

In many ways, that is what Milton’s Practices were based on.

The ultimate cause of disease or disorder is stress or stress-related illness, physical stress, chemical stress or emotional stress. Once we learn how to allow the body to unlock from all the things we have put on to it, it begins to change; it’s the uncreating process. Letting go of that understanding of what we think of what our body is or isn’t or what it can do cannot do. All these are just beliefs. What is your body now capable of ‘if you didn’t have those beliefs?

It is essential to unearth where in your body have these beliefs manifested, at which neurological level? And then to change those beliefs which support unhealthy habits such as smoking, overeating, self-sabotage. Healing is required to change the thinking process that creates phobia and unreasonable fears. We must retrain the immune system to eliminate allergies and deal optimally with cancer, AIDS, DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, STRESS, RELATIONSHIP ISSUES.

The external only shows you what the internal is communicating.

Unfortunately, many individuals silence that voice instead of allowing it to give them the awareness they need to transform the ailment. It could be anything ranging from a headache to back pain and even intense suffering for others.

The body communicates messages in various forms. We, however, are so caught up in our daily schedules and routines that we pay no heed to it or ignore it. The first message that the body gives may be in the form of a headache, then it intensifies and when we don’t pay attention to it gets really loud as we feel extreme agony. The body is only trying to pull you towards that part that requires you to be looked at. But is the pain the only way the body communicates? No, these messages do not always come as pain. They come to us when something tells us that we need to sleep because the body is tired. It could be a message that we need to heal emotional baggage we are carrying by releasing the anger. It could also be as simple as when we are thirsty and need to have water. These are voices from the body; they are silent messages telling us that it requires attention. It is the constant dismissal of the same that results in the body moving to the next step of pain, discomfort and illness.

Judy says,

“It's these practices that you practice ‘that will create the difference that will bring the difference.”

And if you begin to practice to live in communion with your body, this will become effortless in no time. That will not only promote longevity and transformation but lead to your overall well-being.

Begin by letting go of all the garbage that weighs you down. Clear out all the blocks that you carried from someone or somewhere else. Listen to what the body is communicating; don’t make it wrong.

What doors can my body and I together open for more ease and creation?

What else is possible now?

This ability to create should be acknowledged

This ability should be seen

If we all were willing to have

All the abilities we have

What kind of world could we create?


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