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Coaching & It's Impact on Self

We all deserve to have the very best in every aspect of our lives, just the way we plan and dream. Be it personal, professional, spiritual…

And we are all worthy of that dream!

But sometimes life has its own plan, and those are the cold winters of life and they may be rough!

Judy tells me

“life is what happens, when we have a great plan"

And the best plan we can ever have ''is the one where we accommodate life in it"

At some point in our life, we all must have enjoyed walking along with a mentor, haven’t we?

Someone who guided us, added some pixie dust to our journey and shown us more than what we could have ever seen then.

For the longest period of my life I had Dick as my mentor in his physical body. It’s a joy, in many ways to have someone by our side to inspire us, to challenge us and to be brutally honest, Dick was all of that to me.

Krishna was Arjuna's mentor And I like how Arjuna was reminded of his 'inconsequence’s' - that Dharna of Krishna - that perspective changed the entire focus.

He led Arjun to see the macro and the micro - the 'that' and the 'this' - where at one level he is telling Arjun 'you do not matter' and that level Krishna bursts into the infinite form and tells Arjun 'even if you disappear, nothing will happen'

and at the exact next moment Krishna says 'you really matter' Because in that little context Krishna is telling Arjun that

'you can make the other person rise above through your life'

Truly that was the dance of the polarities right... that is the thinking on the tetralemma...

You see having a coach does matter.

Your coach will give you the perfect opportunity to unlock your potentials and probably you may even find your new-self if you are truly ready.

No goal is beyond your reach when you have decided to enrich your map and therefore, I say

'the new-life is a choice'

and enriching your map is within your capacity.

What do you think keeps people stuck?

Stuck in relations, business, ideas, money. Stuck in doing the same things over and over again even when it’s not helping them getting close to what they want.

You see, that is being stuck and that can be a lot complex.

That is when someone like a Buddha or a Jesus steps in,

remember the story of how Jesus worked with those 12 absolutes losers - the 12 disciples and the rest is history.

I think that is a good metaphor on coaching, isn’t it?

So never let your past results or past conditioning control the way you see the world today.

Woh Dharna ko badlo!

Change that filter, change that perspective, change that paradigm.

When paradigms are in control, nothing changes. NOTHING.

That is when most people get the same results year after year after year.

Now I can tell that 'people definitely know how to do better than what they are currently doing - the problem is they don’t know why they are not doing what they know they should be doing.

You see, it’s the belief system,

it’s the conditioning,

it’s the paradigm…

It’s the paradigm that produces the results. Once you cross the paradigm, you will see things differently.

And if you want to change the results that you are currently getting, there is only one way of doing it 'Change that god damn old paradigm'

Change that filter, that conditioning,

change that map.

And you can do it, because its editable.

Let me quote Earl Nightingale -

A man’s environment is a merciless mirror of him as a human being! And if he thinks his environment can stand a little improvement, all he has to do is improve AND his environment will improve to reflect the changing man.

All knowledge, all power, is one hundred percent evenly present in all places at the same time.

Each of our spiritual DNA is perfect.

There is perfection in all of us.

All we have to do is 'draw it out'

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