NLP Foundation and Skill

Course Description:

Get a first hand experience into the classroom of Anil in the NLP Online course. In these videos, you can learn the subject of NLP from the comfort of your home. You will be provided with videos from Anil’s sessions room and completion of the NLP course will give you all the basic knowledge you need about the subject. Learn NLP online today and grow your knowledge and experience in human behavior.

Present State + Appropriate Resources + Decision = Desired State


Learning Outcomes:

  • Best suitable for beginners to advanced level users and who learn faster when demonstrated.

  • Course content designed and presented by Anil Thomas – Master NLP Practitioner.

  • Practical learning experience with live examples.




Goal Setting

Course Description:

In the realm of personality development, goal setting is one of the most commonly discussed topics. It is a tool that can effectively be used by individuals and groups to outline, when and how they plan on achieving objectives or tasks. Anil‘s course is known to provide direction, thus enabling better decision making. If implemented successfully, goals are known to yield major benefits.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Clearer Focus

  • Optimum Use of Resources

  • Effective Use of Time

  • Peace of Mind

  • Clarity to Decision Making

  • Easier Measurement of What You Do

  • More Freedom of Thought

  • Easier Communication with Others

Productivity & Mindfulness

Course Description:

The mind-body connection is the relationship between an individual’s thoughts, feelings and behaviour, and how it projects itself physically. The understanding of this connection helps one establish Mindfulness, which is a condition of being conscious and aware about what is happening around us. Upcoming research shows that the more mindful an individual is, the better are their chances of achieving success with the task at hand.                                        

In this series, Anil talks about how crucial the connection between productivity and mindfulness is, and to what extent it affects our ability to perform efficiently. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Planning and Execution of tasks

  • The Effects of Stress on Performance 

  • Acquiring Mental and Physical concord

  • Understanding Concepts Through Live Examples

  • Release of Stress Hormones and How They Produce Long Term Health 


Archetypal Journey Course

Course Description:

A recorded 9 hour course that is an adaptation of Fritz, Jung and Campbell. Very academic and experiential in nature. There is something more than the visible (the explicit), and it is what lies at a deeper level, its the implicit formulations. Archetypal is going beyond these ‘forms’ to learn, evolve and to create better collaborations, contributions on the continuum.When Deeper truth and spiritual journey meets the cognition, It explores the aspects of the roles we play within the many roles we play and how one influences the other, at the same time to know the impedance and interference of one over the other.

₹ 7,000.00