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Level 2: Advance

Master Practitioner's Certification Course in
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May, '22.

Master NLP Training Hours


80 hours (including

pre & post work)


2:30pm to 10:30pm

(Including Breaks)

Designation - Certified Master Practitioner in NLP


Certified Master Practitioner in NLP



Joel Fernandes: 9930748410

or joelcferns@anilthomas.co

Venue - Live Online - Using various online platforms


Live-Online OR

Mumbai, India.

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In the Master Practitioner's Course, participants are already expected to be competent at the skills and attitudes central to NLP. The course is designed to build on the knowledge participants have already acquired, in order to really "Master" those skills.

The Master's Program leads to personal mastery of some of the most effective tools for change that exist in the world today. You will learn how to apply NLP to a variety of applications, including education, physical and mental health, business, leadership, social applications, creativity and much more.  

Mastery includes attaining a deeper understanding of the methodology beneath the skills and patterns taught in the Practitioner's Course. This will enable the participants to improvise and create new applications of NLP in different situations as the need arises.

What you will learn in NLP Master Practitioner:

  • Behavioral competency in all Practitioner level skills.

  • .Ability to demonstrate utilization of several of these skills simultaneously.

  • The ability to design behavioral flexibility and attitudes that produce specific results with self and others.

  • The ability to identify and utilise the skills, techniques, and patterns linguistically.

  • Modeling to create an experience similar to the founders when they created NLP.

  • Ability to conduct advanced change processes with individuals and groups.

  • Engage in cognitive and behavioral modelling projects.

  • Utilize advanced linguistic protocols for influencing change and design and deliver NLP presentations.

  • Learn "the structure of experience" and be able to generate the skills you acquire.

  • Learn how to find new patterns and uncover the basic structure of experience your own multi level interventions.  

Syllabus for NLP Master Practitioner

Modeling - II



Values & Beliefs



Code of Excellence

Meta Model II & III

Perceptual Positions

Core Transformation

Neurological Levels

Future Pacing

Advance Linguistic Models

Timeline Re-patterning

Advance SBM Strategies

Phobia, Trauma & Abuse


Organizing Memories

About Anil Thomas

  • Anil is an internationally certified NLP Master Practitioner and Gestalt Therapist. 

  • He owes his therapeutic skills to Dr. Richard (Dick) McHugh SJ PhD.

  • Anil is among the first in India to be sharing the skills, tools and techniques of the original code NLP and Gestalt Therapy; at par with the international standards of the founding members. 

  • He was introduced to NLP in 2007 when he first met Fr. Dick at The Retreat House, Mumbai.

  • He then completed other courses by Fr. Dick - Advance, Gestalt, Spirit and Health. 

  • He further learnt NLP with the co-developers such as Robert Dilts (USA) &
    Judith DeLozier (Russia).

  • Anil learns and upgrades his skills from other members such as Steve and Connierae Andreas.

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Riaz Mulla

Head - Leadership, Learning & Training | Tech Mahindra

The uncanny thing about Anil’s NLP sessions are that while there are multiple participants it is as if the session is only for you. And almost every participant feels like that.