Health Modeling

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To Understand the biology created by our assumptions and the many attachments that we hold on to that create suffering for self and others. Our Immune System is the most powerful connection of this universe.

NLP's Health Modelling is aimed at generating new pathways, new Neuro-Synaptic-Connections so that we are empowered with the choice to take our Illness and to convert it into Wellness.

Inviting Serious students of life to participate in this journey, to communicate and to receive the signs, then work on Physiology, Strategies, Congruence and Belief System.

This will be a hard-core practice group, with activities and exercises. So come with the commitment to invest in self.

"What you are doing right now in this moment is what the entire universe is doing, at a place what you call 'The Here and Now".

Zoom Video 


26th, 27th, 28th

 June, 2020

8pm to 11pm


INR 9500/-

(plus taxes)

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Day 1

How we create our world of reality. The Psycho-Neuro-Immunology. Know the blocks and its intentions. Discover the constant biology that is created by the quality of the inner world.

Day 2

To be able to communicate with the system. and how every communication from the system is a message and its meaningful. the Milton approach through the 6-Step Re-frame

NLP Health Modeling

Day 3

To recognise the Somatic Syntax and the dance. Here begins the Health Modeling which is aligned to all levels. Also be able to handle objection and secondary gain. 

"Your self-sabotaging habits and toxic coping mechanisms are being brought to light. Pay attention to your patterns and make the conscious choice to change them."


Pre-Requisites : None 

Live Class

12 Hours of Certification

Breakout Activities

Live Cases to be taken and worked on in Class

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This is the sample of the certificate you will receive post course completion. Signatures and required authorization shall be provided post course completion.

What will you Learn

  • How we create panic in our physical body and how it affects our body.

  • To be present to the body's communication.

  • to practice in pairs the 6-Step reframe (Milton's Model).

  • To set 'Outcomes' and 'Effects' on Health Goals. 

  • To Model Wellness, and maintain health.

What will you get

  • {Pre-Work} Reading material + Exercises and activities.   

  • 9 hours of live lectures + Live Demonstration.

  • In class Practice sessions.  

  • Classroom Reading Material.

  • {Post course} Practice work+ reference material. 

  • Classroom Reading Material.


  • Explanation of concepts, processes and

  • working on live case demonstration.

  • Group breakout work.

  • Recorded Discourses + Assignment

  • Reading and quizzes  

This Session is for 

  • A curious student of life who wants to learn about the pattern that connect Health with Psychology and Spirituality 

  • A student of Psychology 

  • All NLPiers, Wellness professionals and alternate healers  

  • a person who is committed to work on a current bodily condition 

Sample Lecture One :

Watch time 1:30 mins

Immune System - natural healer of our universe

Sample Lecture Two : 

Watch time : 1:30 mins

Un-wire and Re-fire, re-programing 

About Anil Thomas

Anil is an eminent facilitator in the field of human development. He is internationally certified NLP Master Practitioner and Gestalt Therapist. He owes his therapeutic skills to Dr. Richard (Dick) McHugh SJ PhD. - his guru and mentor. ​Everything Anil does today in the NLP classroom is imbibed from Dick. Anil’s key to success is the ability to believe in the miracle of life and to be fully present in the “Here and Now”.

Anil is among the first in India to be sharing the skills, tools and techniques of the original code NLP and Gestalt Therapy; at par with the international standards of the founding members. 

He was introduced to NLP in 2007 when he first met Fr. Dick at the NLP batch he conducted at The Retreat House, Mumbai. He went on to then complete all other courses taught by Fr. Dick - Advance, Gestalt, Tools of the Spirit and Health. 


He then later went on to learn with key contributors of the subject - Judith Delozier & Robert Dilts - mentors who continue to inspire him and help him on this journey of NLP

Anil believes the tools of NLP can help individuals in various ways. NLP help taking control of one's life and bringing clarity within us.

The Contents of NLP -Health Modeling lecture is adapted from the in-class learning that I have experienced from Dr. Dick McHugh SJ and His teacher Judith DeLozier