Gestalt Certified Master (GCM)

International Certification in Gestalt Therapy 

Gestalt Psychology and Therapy - Level 2

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14th to 18th Dec, 2020.

(6am to 9.30pm all days)


Gestalt Certified Master


48 hours of work (Excluding pre and post work)


INR 32,000/- (meals, course material & taxes)

You save: INR 4,000/- (12.5%)


Twin Sharing room at THB 12,000/- (all nights)

Payment Plans

Lump-sum and Installment options available


Birds & Bees Resort, Pattaya, Thailand.


Gestalt Certified Master


Joel Fernandes: 9930748410 or joelcferns@anilthomas.co

The basic thesis of gestalt theory might be formulated thus: there are contexts in which what is happening in the whole cannot be deduced from the characteristics of the separate pieces, but conversely; what happens to a part of the whole is, in clear cut cases, determined by the laws of the inner structure of its whole.

Its a journey to the centre.  Its a search within. Well, what isn't? as we all bring our own unique raw materials to the Gestalt, the field changes. that it ignites. that is where the magic happens on each chair to see the interplay of the many psychodrama and the games we play to overcompensate the secondary gains. Now as we come to the chair, we bring our pain and incompleteness, that is where the dance emerges, the alignment of the neck on the spine takes a new orientation. The rib cage is filled with resources, of the new born. 

A gestalt is born here. to break free the controls that happens when the society is at play. and emerges the many choices to move from one polarity to the other on the Tetralemma. Well what more can be said, Dick would say 'Gestalt is..'

“I do my thing and you do your thing.
I am not in this world to live up to your expectations,
And you are not in this world to live up to mine.
You are you, and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, it’s beautiful.
If not, it can’t be helped.“

Fritz Perls

What will you learn

  • To apply Gestalt therapy in real-life circumstances

  • The Gestalt Inter-phase, melting metaphors in therapies

  • To assist clients in identifying their unmet needs and resolve them. 

  • To figure out overcompensation and gains in staying unfinished 

  • The ability to understand human emotion, its interplay and influence. 

  • bring to the Client's awareness their circumstances. 

  • Make the therapeutic process more engaging and exciting

  • Working in groups, individual working and bringing skills to life. 

  • Classic Fritz' communication model and approaches 

  • Moving from stuck to unsticking, to provide choices and wholeness.


  • Advance skills of Coaching, Counselling and Therapy

  • Resolving polarities using the Tetralemma

  • Advance approaches to deal with Abnormal Psychology

  • Elicit emotions and body manifestation

  • Psycho-geography - its dimensions and directions

  • Models of Labyrinth

  • Sponsorship

  • Language Approaches in Gestalt Therapy and subtle body changes

  • Body movements through 5 Rhythms

  • Communication in a Systemic Constellation

  • The Threat and Reward model

  • Understanding Dreams

  • Re-organising the body through Alexander Technique

  • Metaphors - eliciting them, and understanding their fluidity space, time and body

  • The matrix, Psychodrama and its dynamics, malleability and movement

Everything flows when you find mental well-being

Fritz Perls

Resources for members

Pre kit

on enrolling for the GCA course, each Student will be given access to online and offline content. this may be something to read or sometimes an audio or a video. these are preparatory material that will enable the student to be ready for the course from the prescptecive of academics as well as self actualisation. It is mandatory that the pre-work must be completed before the student gets in the classroom.

Mid Kit

As the course advances, there would be certain support material that would be given to be followed through before the next day. also there are some assessments that will enhances the subject knowledge (which includes material to read, or listen or even watch). To grow through Gestalt, to get a good handle on the subject and also to hold the space for the client, the mid-kit is a good resource and a strong recommendation. 

Post Kit

As a part of the Continuous Education Program, the post kit is designed as a regular support. There are some assessments that need to be completed within a said period to be listed on the fellowship page. This ensures that the GCA are tested and fit academically.

Students TimeLine

I'm not perfect...

But I'm enough.

Carl Rogers

High Standards

Every Student is evaluated through the many standard protocols with which Dick has taught us. through this assessments the dance of gestalt is brought to life. this is Fritz's Gestalt taught as I have learnt from Dick.

This course and these four days are a dedication to the journey of that life, its a commitment to keep the balance of Gestalt alive, every time when life pulls us. and therefore the certification process is authentic, strict and aligned. 

Accreditation/ Certification Pre-requisites

1. completion certification of GCA from ATF or equivalent 

2. Successful Submission of Post work of GCA

3. Successful completion of the Prework.

4. Attendance of all the slots on each of the day. 

5. Completion of the in-class assessments. 

6. Active participation in classroom practice session.

7. Written Integration.

8. Post class assessments

Logo and usage

The paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change

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International Certification in Gestalt Therapy 

Gestalt Certified Master (GCM)

Gestalt Psychology and Therapy - Level TWO

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