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What is the Walt Disney Strategy?

The NLP Disney Strategy provides us with a systematic way of turning dreams into workable plans – or, as is sometimes the case, evaluating the dream and recognising that it’s simply not workable.

The purpose of the Disney Creativity Strategy NLP Coaching Technique is to create behavioral strategies that support the client in accessing and integrating creativity to help them achieve their desired outcome.

Disney’s strategy works owing to the strict separation of three roles — to generate ideas, evaluate ideas, construct and critique a plan of action structured in three thinking styles: dreamers, realizers, and critics. Disney’s Creativity Thinking Process bridges the gap between imagination and reality.

The creative process unlocks the mind’s capabilities to dream and form unexpected ideas and solutions for existing problems. However, these solutions may not be applicable in reality and may not be applied as a strategic plan. Therefore, one of the advantages of Disney’s creative strategy method is balancing both dream and reality in order to build a viable layout.

The three thinking styles are – dreamers, realizers, and critics.

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