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What is the Self-Esteem Quick Fix pattern?

This pattern can help you rapidly recover from an attack of bad self esteem. It is excellent for recovering from a failure, or from someone who had a toxic effort on your self esteem.

  • Select a negative self-esteem image: Think of a time in your life when you felt bad about yourself. The first step is the only one that is unpleasant. The most powerful memory may be one in which other people were trashing you, and this negativity infected your self-esteem. Step in to the Experience. Notice where in your body these negative feelings are located. Intensify them and notice anything else about them,such as their size and shape.

  • Dissociate from the experience: Stand up,move around and open your eyes. Do other things to break state. Continue with state breaking activities until you are full extracted from the negative self esteem state.

  • Create powerful self-esteem imagery: Now you are going to create an image that represents the strong resourceful and positive self esteem you are about to own. Imagine seeing yourself with profound self esteem. Use all major rep systems. How would you appear in terms of your expression,gait, gestures and posture ? How would you sound? How would people react as they are enjoying your pure self esteem? Notice how it is stimulating and motivating to be in a new situation. Add to this the sense that this reality is in the very near future. It crowds out any previous caring that you had about past attacks upon your self esteem or well being. This state is very much in the moment and involved in creating a bright future. Build the attitude that you need this and must have it. Build your sense of the possibility of it, and the ways that are already real.

  • Practice shrinking and resorting the self esteem image: Make a mental frame around that image of you with the high self esteem. Shrink it so it becomes a tiny little picture in the open space in front of you. Make it sparkle at you. Very quickly take that sparkling little for in the distant space in front of you and jump it right back to its previous size and aliveness . Open your eyes for a moment,then close them and think of a black screen. Now see that high self esteem image again. Shrink it again, into that sparkling dot. Now take it back to full size. Alternate this shrinking and expanding with a lot of intensity.

  • Set up the swish: Shrink the high self esteem image and place it right in the middle of the horrible disturbing image. Shrink the negative image quickly into tiny gray for in front of you,and at the same time quickly,blow up the tiny dot into your full size self esteem image, so that it completely covers the negative image. Amplify the sub modalities of this positive image.Repeat this swish pattern. Say swish as you do this. When you bring back the negative image,don’t say swish. When you swish back the positive image , include the verbal “ it feels good to be me”. When you swish in the positive image,let the good feeling wash over you and flow through you.

  • Challenge yourself to handle the extreme pleasure: Get in touch with the growing internal state of confidence in facing challenges. This state is supported by the memories of your power.

  • Future pace, Finish the pattern and Test: Imagine yourself waking up tomorrow and finding that these images are still all around you. See yourself with the mysterious smile. Imagine people enjoying this quality of yours, and how you affect them in positive ways. Open your eyes, cultivating a fresh, eager readiness for the rest of the day. Bring up one of the negative images and see if it still has any power over you. If it does, you can repeat this exercise. Also see if you notice any effects of improved self esteem over the coming days or weeks. This may include opportunities coming your way, people reacting to you in better way, and feeling more motivated and optimistic.

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