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What is Dilts Pyramid?

The model helps you to understand yourself and your environment better. At the same time, it should provide an indication of the level at which changes need to be made if personal development is to take place. Through guidance and questions, awareness is raised at each level.

The function of each NLP logical level in the hierarchy is to organize the information below it. Changing something on a lower NLP logical level of the hierarchy could, but would not necessarily affect the levels above it. However, making a change at an upper level would necessarily change everything below it in order to support the higher level change.

We can use the model to recognise how the various levels interact and how they are related. And it provides a means of

  • Asking for, and verifying the relevance of, information

  • Keeping track, in a highly structured manner, of the huge amount of information is often available when discussing an issue

  • Recognising at which level a problem is occurring

  • Recognising the most appropriate level at which to target the solution

The rules of thumb in the logical levels of NLP are:

1. A higher level organizes information of the lower levels.

2. Changes in the lower levels CAN affect a change in the higher levels

3. Changes in the higher levels WILL affect a change in the lower levels

4. Solutions are usually found at a higher level than where the problem is located.

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