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What does hurt and hatred mean in the CRASH state acronym?

Hurting as a result of this separation.  After prolonged periods, negative feelings of disappointment, resentment or rejection from the wider social field can develop. Building on the Separated state, you may feel angry or upset about other people’s behaviour. Although a CRASH state can be triggered by a negative encounter, you may find that you habitually go into a narrative blaming someone when you are in a CRASH state, even when the situation doesn’t really merit that judgement. Again, if there is a person who pops up when you get in a bad state, notice this not as a signal to get even with that person, but as a sign that leads you back to yourself: I am in a CRASH state. When your state improves, you can then judge if have been avoiding a necessary conversation with this person, but for now, just notice this as part of a pattern for your own use.

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