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What are the steps involved in the modeling process?

  • Determine which experts and which contexts in which they are to apply the ability you want to model.

  • Determine the appropriate procedure for gathering information in the corresponding contexts - from different perceptual positions. Start from intuitive insights in the second position, then try to reach the same results in your own first position. Take a third position and pay attention to how your way of reaching your goal differs from that of the modeled person.

  • Filter the results of information gathering for relevant cognitive patterns and behaviors. Organize the patterns into a logical, coherent structure or "model".

  • Test the effectiveness / usefulness of the model you have constructed by trying it out in different contexts and situations and make sure that you get the results you want.

  • Reduce the model to the simplest and most elegant form that will produce the desired results.

  • Find the best practices to teach or "install" the explicit skills identified in the modeling process.

  • Determine which the most appropriate instruments for measuring the model's results are and find out the limits or range for the validity of the model.

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