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On what foundation is reframing based?

The foundation for doing this - separating the behaviour from the intention – is that the intention is always positive. It includes changing the negative to positive. Reframing helps us to understand the depth of the   behaviour. When we reframe, we bring about different meanings or perspectives, so it has a different meaning  and can change a person’s response.

In reframing you choose what an event means to you. When things go wrong you search for how you can use the situation in a better manner rather than being the victim.

For example, when you are stuck in traffic instead of thinking of getting late and feeling frustrated, use it to catch up on friends or social media. If your outdoor plans get ruined due to the weather, take this as an opportunity to spend time with you and do what you love indoors.

The purpose of reframing is to help a person experience their actions, the impact of their

beliefs, etc. from a different perspective (frame) and potentially be more resourceful or have

more choice in how they react.

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