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Difference between Gestalt and Psycho-analysis.

Gestalt is ‘active’ whilst psychoanalysis is ‘quiet’. Gestalt therapists have to constantly be aware and present in the therapy, challenge the clients as well as encourage them to be mindful and present, and constantly demand feedback so as to keep the clients in the ‘here and now’. Psycho-analysis mainly involves listening, letting the client talk freely about things that come to their minds, and occasional interpretations.

Gestalt, once again, focuses on the present. Psycho-analysis delves into the past, unconscious memories, dreams, fantasies, etc.

Gestalt therapists generally engage in as few or as many sessions as required. The duration of this therapy is completely based on the situation and the rapport between the therapist and the client. Psycho-analysts tend to conduct therapy sessions over several weeks or even months.

In Gestalt, the emphasis is purely on accepting responsibility for one’s own life which is influenced by the environment. According to Psycho-analysis, the unconscious forces, such as our ego, are to blame for our problems.

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