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5 qualities of awareness.

Awareness has 5 important qualities:

  • Contact

When you come in contact with or are exposed to the environment, you come in contact with your awareness. Example: When you lift a rose, you feel the petal and come in contact with the gentleness of the petal, and when you touch the thorn you feel the prick.

  • Sensing

You try to make sense of the environment by determining the nature of the environment, for example, when you suddenly feel a prick or when something is poking you, you try to make sense and try to understand whether it is a pin that is poking you or a thorn.

  • Excitement

The environment will trigger you to take some responsibility or express some emotion. Like if you feel the pain of the prick, you will wince audibly or if you find that the prick you are feeling is from some harmful weapon or animal, you will shout for help or run and save yourself.

  • Figure

Formation: Awareness is shaped by what is important to you and that is how your figure gets formed, the figure is formed by what is important for you at this particular moment. Again, to give an example, if you feel a prick due to a pin, as it is a minute prick, you tend to ignore it as your figure formation leans towards your goal: which is to get this article done. Whereas if the prick is felt by a rusted nail and you are bleeding badly, your figure is now to deal with the pain and see how you can prevent further  damage  and  at  this  time,  writing articles is no more your focus.

  • Wholeness

This is an optional step, as not all awareness will lead to closure (wholeness). Wholeness will depend on whether the task undertaken is completed or left in between.

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