Enhanced Learning Kit

The enhanced learning Program is geared to facilitate the learning experience after the completion of your course. The titles included in these collections were specifically chosen to enhance your understanding of the subject. They are perfectly curated for accelerated post-course learning.

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This Program will allow you to stay in constant touch with the subject helping you to dive deeper into it. It also will facilitate your mentoring. This kit gives you access to more content than an average NLP learner.

25 Summaries Book by Anil Thomas
Stories I Wish They Taught in School Instead Part - 1 Book by Anil Thomas
An Ode to My Mentor Book by Anil Thomas
Stories I Wish They Taught in School Instead Part - 2 Book by Anil Thomas
Wheel of Life Book by Anil Thomas
Cross That Bridge by Anil Thomas
Listen To Me Book by Anil Thomas
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Worth ₹2,650/-


3 Asynchronous self learning courses - to enhance your NLP learning experience. Each course is meticulously designed to work on a specific niche to give you a holistic NLP experience. 

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Worth ₹12,500/-



ATF Master Practitioner's & Gestalt Therapist

Still Have Any Doubts & Need Concept Clarity ?

The program Includes the personalise session with ATF Masters to Clear Them All.

Worth  ₹5,000/-


Powerful Probing Questions, Powerful questions to probe during intervention (Therapy, Coaching).

Worth ₹750/-

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Earn FLAT 3000/- OFF on ATF's Next Bridge Course  

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