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Heal - Linguistic Patterns To Align Your

This book is about being grateful for the creative ability that we all possess. It is about the ability to heal. Our ability to heal is much greater than any other ability we possess or even greater than anybody could define. So, do not let people tell you otherwise, like how people say there is a superior body that will heal you or there is a God that heals or if you eat a certain medicine all your ailments will go away. All of these things contain the ability to heal but all of that ability is a lot lesser than our own ability to heal.

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A Book On Summaries Of The 25 Best Selling Books That Most People Have In Their Library

This book itself is a summary of the 25 Wonderful Books. This book will take you through these 25 books by keeping it short and trying to make you understand the core intentions of each books to take away.



You Got This

Schools teach us how to solve a pair of simultaneous equations, but they don’t necessarily teach us how to solve the actual problems we face in life. Our parents tell us not to indulge in being in a relationship during high school, but don’t necessarily teach us how to strike a healthy balance between our life and academics. We are taught that if we work hard in the present and give it our all, we are likely to have a bright future. But we aren’t taught how to react to an issue that could occur in the future. We have been told to stay away from all risks and problems in life, but not taught to face them head-on and solve them. We have been conditioned into following a set of norms and running on the same damn path, as if a journey we could make for ourselves, will never be successful.

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Wheel Of Life - A Balance To Happiness

You are essentially who you create yourself to be and all that occurs in your life is the result of your own making. I am sure you can use these skills as a tool to carve your life the way you picture it in your mind. No matter in which stage of life you are in, it is never too late to work on the skills discussed in the book and turn your life in the direction you want to. 



Cross That Bridge

The Bridge is what connects Point A to Point B, where you are to where you want to be. And when you walk on the bridge, it's the decision that you make to move from where you are to where you want to be. This book is a journey of the resources, that's within us and within reach, to gather and to move, to move to the desired place. This book talks about all the tools, the techniques, the concepts and certain obvious things. This book is sometimes the secret, to that which lies within, it is the brave who will embark this journey. Cross That Bridge is a vow, is a commitment and is a voyage.

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The Mystical Collapse

NLP and the principles of Buddhism, if put into practice together, create the possibilities for the goal of bringing more awareness, forgiveness, detachment and kindness which support our blooming as humans. The confluence of three rivers, The Triveni Sangam, should help us bloom as a human and lead a peaceful and happy life; River 1 being NLP, Buddhism being River 2 and Evolutionary Psychology being River 3.



Stories I Wish They Taught In School Instead Part 1

This book takes you through a journey of self healing, motivating you to overcome your fears and finding contentment in the things that you do. It heals and teaches us ways, through which we should look at things, rather than making it complicated. It not only talks about concepts such as Bullying, Procrastination, but also things such as Living in the present, Being Realistic and so on. It takes you on a journey of positive healing and self love, and things that one should impart for a better and fulfilled life. To walk on the line of Happiness, one needs to understand the ways of tackling the sadness that we often face, whether in school, at home or among friends. Various things affect us that creates a turmoil within us, although those things need not be important to us. Learn to give your 100% in everything that you do because in the end, it’s the satisfaction of putting our best efforts, that brings peace within us.



Stories i wish they taught in school instead Part 2

This book takes you through a journey of You. It teaches you things that you must understand, that you must nurture and that you should do with yourself. It helps and teaches us ways, that life as we say, does not be the way we imagine it, but the way it’s supposed to be. It talks about maintaining our inner peace, taking a break whenever we feel it’s too much to take in and ways that we can create new possibilities for ourselves. We should have our own unique identity, for which people will love us and love what we do.



An Ode To My Mentor - Richard 'Dick' McHugh SJ Ph. D.

This book is as little as I can do in expressing my gratitude towards these giants in my life. They who saw me for who I am and now made me for what I am today. This book speaks about my mentor Dick Mc Hugh who has mended me in so many ways, this book falls short if I had to tell you the lessons taught by him. His journey in India and how he was introduced to NLP and Gestalt. He has been such an inspiration who has led me explore my visions and helped me convert them into reality.

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A question opens the mind.
A statement closes the mind.

This book is from the personal notes of many participants and interns who recorded moments of resolution of the client on chair.

This book is a day to day application of ‘language patters of the Meta Model’ and taking it for self growth and personal space.
Reading through this book is like having a personal coach or a therapist with you all the time, whenever you need it and in which ever area you want to grow.
Its conversational, challenging and may push you to think, about dimensions not considered before.



Listen To Me... 

This book is based on all the Quotes and learnings that have been talked about in the sessions room. Many people live by these quotes, as it has helped them, by motivating them in their tough times. Quotes aren’t just Quotes, they are words and teachings of Anil, that have helped people overcome their darkness, their sorrows, and even their failures in life. This book sheds light on all the possible things that one can relate to, it might be little things that one may have experienced, or even things that mean the most to you. These words will add new meaning to your life and will change the way you look at things.

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Keep Going

Why is it that some people break down when faced with a seemingly routine life challenge, which most others are able to deal with? Why is it that some people seem to be always sad and unhappy even when everything seems to be perfectly fine in their lives? Why is it that some people are haunted by imaginary fears that others don’t seem to have? What sets some people apart from the others? These are some of the questions that this book attempts to answer. This is why what sets some people apart from others. In this book, we present to you stories of such everyday heroes, going through some or the other form of mental disorders, challenges, and concern.